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In the dynamic world of hair coloring, achieving the perfect blend of shades is both an art and a science. With the growing demand for custom color treatments and the increasing complexity of color formulas, the significance of consistent colour mixing cannot be overstated. Salons across the globe are turning to innovative salon colour solutions to meet this demand, emphasising sustainable colouring practices that not only enhance the client experience but also contribute to environmental conservation.


Kelly Smith, the visionary behind Vivid Trendz Studio in Knoxville, Tennessee, has observed firsthand the critical role that a consistent mix plays in successful color treatments. With 95% of her clientele opting for color services, Kelly’s commitment to flawless application is unwavering. “It needs to be blended and creamy so the product just glides on effortlessly,” she asserts, highlighting the necessity of uniform consistency for achieving seamless coverage across all hair types.


Echoing Kelly’s sentiment is Hannah Menor, a renowned Instagram Influencer and Pulp Riot advocate based at Mix Co Salon in San Diego. Known for her expertise in blending vibrant and pastel tones, Hannah emphasises the importance of consistent colour mixing for achieving precise, true-to-tone results. “If you are going for even color, you can’t have partial mixes,” Hannah cautions. Her use of the Ping mixer underscores the value of technology in ensuring uniform texture and quantity in every mix, thereby minimising product wastage and streamlining the application process.


A study among stylists who adopted the Ping mixer in early 2019 corroborates these experiences, with 88% reporting a creamier mix, 82% noting superior application, and 64% observing an increase in volume to their formulas. This feedback underscores the Ping mixer’s role in enhancing salon colour solutions through consistent colour mixing.


Kelly, who also serves as an Olaplex Educator and Advocate, integrates colour blending with Olaplex treatments to safeguard hair integrity. She draws a parallel between baking a cake and mixing hair color, arguing that hand mixing cannot guarantee the thoroughness or aeration needed for optimal results. This perspective is a testament to the necessity of reliable mixing tools like the Ping for achieving uniformity, especially with vivid shades that leave little room for error.


For Hannah, the Ping mixer has become an indispensable tool in her coloring arsenal, enabling her to maintain consistency in her formulas without adjustments. “It leaves the mix so smooth,” she shares, noting how this consistency facilitates easier application and extends the product further, yielding both time and cost savings.


As manufacturers continue to innovate in creating easily mixable products, stylists are increasingly recognizing the indispensable value of automatic mixers in achieving high-quality, consistent results every time. This shift towards technologically advanced salon efficiency tools, coupled with a commitment to sustainable colouring practices, is setting a new standard in the hairdressing industry, where excellence in color treatment goes hand in hand with environmental responsibility.