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Your savings by switching ECOHEADS

Fill in your current details and find out how much you can save with ECOHEADS

ECOHEADS Showerhead

How many heads of color per week

Flow rate per minute

How long

The Results

Summery Of You Current Use

Minutes per week Litters per week
Your Shower Head 480 4800
ECOHEADS 160 880

Your saving will be:

Saving per week Hours Water/L
3.333 2450
Saving per Month Hours Water/L
3.333 2450
Saving per Year Hours Water/L
3.333 2450

A quick guide to the result

THE SHOWERHEAD helps you save time, money and water.

Currently, it takes 10 minutes to rinse 1 head resulting in 250 minutes (more than 4 hours) and 2500 litres litres of water spent every week.

With ECOHEADS showerhead you will be able to rinse 1 head in just 2 minutes saving you more than 3 hours and over 10 litres of water a week. That’s 171 hours and 115,700 liters of water saved every year! Please note that this calculator is a guide only, and the results provided are an example of the savings THE SHOWERHEAD can deliver. This calculator does not take into account your salon’s specific circumstances. Any change to the details used in the calculation would vary the results.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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