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Unveiling our latest addition to the X models range - The Hose X.

Revolutionizing your salon experience with the most unique hose available. 

Featuring a new cutting-edge swivel fitting at the inlet, the Hose X now has dual swivel fitting on each side of the hose when combined with the Showerhead X. Created to empower stylists with unparalleled freedom and flexibility of movement at the basin.

The Hose X, our newest innovation to the X models range is the most unique hose available.

Crafted to withstand the demands of a professional salon, the Hose X is water-repellent, anti-mould, resistant to chlorine, sustainable and recyclable. 

Experience the difference with the ultra-lightweight and easy to handle Hose X, the perfect partner for the ECOHEADS Showerhead X, a must have for every modern salon.

Elevate your salon services – where innovation meets performance.


  • In a stylish Black colour with chrome finishing
  • A swivel fitting on the inlet side for 360 degree rotation
  • A swivel adaptor
  • Machine washable
  • Flexible and textile feeling, a premium design
  • 1200mm in length
  • 99.5 grams in weight
  • Zero PVC
  • New Patented Technology 
  • Water repellent and anti-mould
  • Resistant to chlorine
  • Ultra-light weight
  • Sustainable and recyclable
  • Easy to install

AU$ 44.95


Material: Braiding, PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) 

Material: Inliner, ULDPE (Ultra Low Density Polyethylene)

Zero PVC
Production Designed in Australia, Made in China

Instruction Comments
1. Unscrew showerhead from existing hose, and then unscrew existing hose from water source (metal pipe). Use a wrench if needed.
2. Screw-in the X-Hose (brass side) to the metal pipe.
3. Screw-in the X-Hose (steel side) to your current showerhead.
4. If you have a ECOHEADS showerhead, make sure to use the metal adapter (Swivel or Regular) that you received in the box. Pass the X-Hose through the plastic holder first, then screw-in the X-Hose into the metal adapter.

Make sure to use the washers (rubber rings) on BOTH sides of the adapter.

If necessary, a second washer can be used.

Use a wrench if needed.

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