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You Can Make A Difference·

You Can Make A Difference·

You Can Make A Difference·

You Can Make A Difference·

You Can Make A Difference·

You Can Make A Difference·

The award winning ECOHEADS brand was established in Sydney following two years of planning.

It began with Two childhood friends meet each other after 15 years, on the other side of the globe, and team up with the third member of the dynamic trio, Ben Cohen to bring their eco-vision to life.

Sounds like a fairytale. Well, it kind of is!

We are three young, energetic and experienced and visionary entrepreneurs who teamed up in 2012 as we recognized a huge market gap: How can an industry so focused on beauty and well being leave such an ugly and unhealthy footprint?



Together we established the ECOHEADS’ parent company, 2B1K.


The focus for 2B1K is finding, improving or developing unique products for the professional hair industry, ensuring better results with less effort for the hair stylist, protecting the environment with best use of resources and improving the experience for clients.

Drawing on our combined experience of over 25 years in the professional hair industry, along with our joint passion for sustainability, we spending years researching and developing a line of professional yet sustainable products that ensure maximum results in minimum effort and with a minimal footprint.



We provide smart solutions through simple and aesthetic products with unique designs that utilize the hairstylist’s time, finance and client service. We are dedicated to conserving our environment and introducing to our industry more environmentally friendly solutions for a sustainable future.

Our vision is to allow hair stylist around the globe to leverage the use of eco-friendly products to benefit:

  • Their business efficiency & performance
  • Their client’s health and overall experience
  • Their employee’s well-being
  • The planet we live in
  • Their (and ours) environment
  • Mother earth

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