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Revolutionary design and water saving power


A celebration of 10 years of ECOHEADS

The Showerhead X is our latest innovation that has been thoughtfully designed to enhance services for the professional hair industry and offer a sensational experience for the client. The X model is a combination of the loved features with new and improved updates that continue to save time, water and energy. 

A refreshed version of our previous SHOWERHEAD offering, the SHOWERHEAD X has an improved grip holder for easier handling, magnetic filter to reduce lime-scale and blast apart minerals in hard water for a softer and smoother result. We’ve upgraded the plate to make it more durable for cracking prevention, and packaged it up in a more eco-friendly and refreshed packaging.

  • Easy handling grips
  • Improve water pressure
  • Save up to 65% of your water
  • Cleaner water
  • Softer water
  • Swivel adaptor
  • Magnetic filter for reduced lime scale

Experience the perfect fusion of aesthetics, sustainability, and innovation with the ECOHEADS SHOWERHEAD X. This essential product is a must-have for any modern salon, thoughtfully crafted with maximum recyclability in mind, making it a powerful embodiment of eco-consciousness. 

Discover the innovation of our latest magnetic filter, thoughtfully combined with the naturally sourced anti-bacterial stones like Magnetite and Red Clay Ceramic, as well as other powerful minerals. This unique filtration system diminishes lime-scale and chlorine, while simultaneously enhancing negative ion production to replenish moisture and revitalizing ions for dry, frizzy, and damaged hair. 

The SHOWERHEAD X will elevate your client’s experience in the salon through the increased water pressure jets. Designed to promote healthy blood flow through to the scalp, this emulates a head massage like feeling, whilst also making the cuticles cleaner and more receptive to colour or any other treatments. 

Experience the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and nature’s finest elements, unlocking the secret to healthier, more nourished hair. The SHOWERHEAD X is our most recent innovation, making it the BEST SHOWERHEAD version we have made to date, worthy of celebrating our 10th anniversary.


W.E.L.S Information: S11694 (EcoHeads17), 5.5 Liters Per minute  ,0 stars


W.E.L.S Information: S11694 (EcoHeads17), 5.5 Liters Per minute  ,0 stars

AU$ 170.00


ECOHEADS Showerhead X

THE SHOWERHEAD X IS DESIGNED FROM INNOVATION, MAKING IT OUR BEST SHOWERHEAD VERSION WE HAVE MADE TO DATE. A refreshed version that incorporates all the pieces you loved about the original showerhead offering now brought into one. The SHOWERHEAD X is driven to be more sustainable for the planet through its recyclable materials and naturally sourced anti-bacterial stones. The improvement of grip holders now means you can take control of your craft with ease every time you use the SHOWERHEAD X. 

Metal Swivel Adapter x1.

Experience unrivaled stylist mobility with the upgraded connection of our Showerhead. This ergonomic innovation enables a seamless 360-degree rotation, granting stylists the freedom to effortlessly access every hair and scalp area with reduced tension and increased flexibility. Created exclusively for professional hair salons, expect optimal results with minimal effort, all while ensuring a minimal eco footprint, in line with our commitment to sustainability.

Holder x1.

A Shower Head holder where both form and function have been finely tuned for optimal performance. Now more user-friendly than ever, it ensures swift and effortless handling of the Shower Head, maintaining a tidy and pristine basin area.  Think of the holder as a “Salon Assistant” that you didn’t have and is a must-have addition to your team. Don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your salon’s efficiency and aesthetics with this exclusive upgrade.

Spare Rings (in envelope) x2.

For those “just in case” moments, we’ve added 2x spare rings to your SHOWERHEAD X kit to make sure you’re never put out whilst working. Leaving you to focus on the hair whilst we focus on the tools. 

Spare Heavy-Duty Filter x1.

For those “just in case” moments, we’ve added a spare filter  to your SHOWERHEAD X kit to make sure you’re never put out whilst working. Leaving you to focus on the hair whilst we focus on the tools. 

Biodegradable Paper Tray x1.

At ECOHEADS we’re always striving to be as sustainable and innovative in our work. That’s why we’ve switched out the original styrofoam tray with a more eco-friendly packaging to align with our values. You’ll now find a bio-degradable sugarcane pulp tray that presents  you with your brand new SHOWERHEAD X kit.

Swivel Adapter

The improved connection means more mobility for the stylist. This ergonomic innovation provides 360-degree rotation of the Showerhead enabling the stylist to easily reach every part of the hair and scalp with less tension and more freedom.

Designed specifically for professional hair salons, you can expect maximum results with minimal effort…and minimal eco footprint, of course!


Magnetic Filter

In addition to the already industry leading filtration system, the Black Edition offers an even more comprehensive purifying process. The magnetic filter offers multiple benefits like, cleaner, smoother, conditioned hair.

Magnetic water treatment (also known as anti-scale magnetic treatment or AMT) is a method of reducing the effects of hard water by passing it through a magnetic field as a non-chemical alternative to water softening. This provides magnetized water with the ability to eradicate limescale build up as it passes through the hair, as well as improving strand condition.

As hair grows longer, it accumulates stronger negative electrical charge through daily combing, brushing, and blow-drying with hair colouring and heat styling only compounding this. Magnetic water (Possessing a positive electrical charge) is naturally attracted to the parts of the hair with negative charge, which provides a strand-by-strand hair conditioning treatment. Think super shiny locks with less tangle and frizz, a soothed scalp, extra volume and increased strength.


Redesigned Holder

The limited edition ECOHEADS Shower Head holder has also been reimagined, with both the appearance and functionality optimized. It is now faster than ever to use and return the Shower Head, keeping the basin area neat and clean.

With all the incredible features of the ECOHEADS Original Showerhead still very much intact, you won’t want to miss your chance to add this limited edition ‘Salon Assistant’ to your team!



INSTALLING The Showerhead



Unscrew Existing Showerhead


Unscrew Existing
Showerhead Base


Install ECOHEADS Base


Check Your Current Hose Fitting


Securely Place Rubber Rings



You can also refer to our Installation video below “Installing your ECOHEADS”



Part of the ECOHEADS magic is the shape and size of the head itself. The filtration plate and tourmaline ionization is part of creating that experience your clients love and your stylists will never want to be without, however, it can take some getting used to compared to the smaller, standard head. Here are some tips on how to hold ECOHEADS as you get comfortable delivering your new, upgraded shampoo experience.


ECOHEADS are slightly larger than the basic shower head , so cradling the showerhead in your palm is the most comfortable for most stylists used to placing the basic shower head between their fingers.

Remember you are doubling the pressure, so while we recommend using ECOHEADS at full strength, as you get started, don’t start yanking on that lever to full strength. Try turning the water to half strength until you are familiar with the power.

You can also refer to our Installation video below “ECOHEADS TIPS & TRICKS”


It Is Highly Recommended To Perform A Weekly Maintenance Procedure


To get the most out of your ECOHEADS showerheads, there are a few quick maintenance routines we recommend. To get the best results we recommend cleaning and drying the ECOHEAD and plate from chemical residue at the end of every working day.



Wash the ECOHEAD from product build up and dry with a clean towel.



Unscrew the plate cover, take out the plate and the black rubber ring.



Wash and wipe the plate cover and the white rubber ring. Wash and wipe the plate. It is recommended to use an old toothbrush. Wash and wipe clean the interior of the ECOHEAD.



The filter should be cleaned every 2-3 months. Cleaning cycle varies with frequency of use, water pressure and water quality.



To clean the filter, hold the ECOHEAD upside down and unscrew the end cover.



Carefully pull out the filter from the ECOHEAD.



Wash the filter clean from all solids under a firm flow of water and wipe it dry.
In case of limescale build-up please use a descaling product before washing the filter.


In cases of extreme sediment in the water, another filter is included in the box. Please only use if necessary and expect to clean your filter more frequently to remove sediment



Put back the filter back into the ECOHEAD, wide part facing up.
Please make sure that the black Filter ring is in place before putting the filter back.



Screw the ECOHEAD back together. Enjoy this unique product!


Change or clean the filter only when there is a drop in water pressure.


In case of hard water please ensure the plate and filter is cleaned with a descaling product at least once a month (frequency will vary with the frequency of use, water pressure and water quality)


If there is no need, please do not clean the filter regardless of the recommended filter cleaning cycle.

You can also refer to our installation video “ECOHEADS Maintenance For Best Performance”



To enjoy our unique product, please keep your ECOHEAD clean and well maintained at all times.

My ECOHEAD sprays unevenly and occasionally sprays sideways.

  1. Unscrew the plate cover and take out the plate.
  2. Wash and scrub the plate (an old toothbrush works best!).
  3. Screw back the plate cover.
  4. If the problem persists, repeat the process.
  5. In case of lime scale build-up please see recommended maintenance procedures.

My ECOHEAD leaks around the black plate cover

  1. make sure the black plate cover is screwed on all the way.
  2. If it is still leaking, unscrew the plate cover; wipe the metal plate with a dry towel and put it back into the black plate cover, logo facing down.
  3. Wipe and reposition the white plate ring above the plate, inside the plate cover.
  4. Screw the plate cover all the way back onto the ECOHEAD, using a dry towel.
  5. If problem persists, repeat the process.

My ECOHEAD leaks around the middle part of the ECOHEAD.

  1. Make sure the end cover is screwed on tight and secure.
  2. Check if the middle black rubber T ring is intact.
  3. Make sure the filter positioned correctly inside the end cover.

If you are using the ECOHEADS black metal adapter

  1. Make sure the adapter is installed correctly with both washers inside the thread connections.
  2. Check the metal adapter is firmly screwed to the hose, but is not squashing the black O ring of the ECOHEADS end cover.
  3. Please use our extra washers located in the spare parts bag if there is any spraying or leakage on either side of the metal adapter.

My ECOHEAD has weak water pressure.

  1. Make sure that the hose is not kinked.
  2. Check the filter: if it is clogged rinse it clean (please refer to our maintenance guide for instructions)
  3. Make sure the washers inside the metal adapter are position correctly and not restricting the water flow.

The inside of the ECOHEAD is starting to turn brown.

  1. Check the filter if it is clogged rinse it clean, (please refer to our maintenance guide for instructions).
  2. Remove the plate, its black cover and the end cover part with filter inside from the main body of the EcoHead. Clean the main body under flowing warm water and wipe dry.
  3. If you find this is happening frequently and you are in an area with a large amount of sediment in your water, please install the heavy-duty filter.

Inconsistent water temperature.

Adjust the hot water valve located on the water heater. (its highly recommended that this will be done by a plumber).

ECOHEADS Showerhead

If any parts are broken or cracked, please contact your supplier.
For problems with the hose or sink, contact your plumber.
for any other questions please CONTACT US

If any parts are broken or cracked, please contact your supplier. For problems with the hose or sink, contact your plumber. for any other questions please CONTACT US

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