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The launch of Vish, a new colour waste management app, proves that ECOHEADS Ping can save you and your salons time, money and colour each month.

Vish is a cloud-based colour management app that can weigh colour mixes via a Bluetooth scale function and record and remember colour formulas as well as recalculate them based on previous waste to be more precise when guiding on quantities in the future.

It’s also been shown that whilst using Vish together with Ping colour mixers, salons and stylists can save up to 29% of each colour service.

Knowing the exact amount of colour you need before you start means that rather than running out of colour halfway through an application, which ultimately leads to waste of both profits and product, it means stylists and salon owners can be on top of and reduce the amount of product waste in their salons.

What we love about the Vish app, is that it not only records all of your clients’ formulas (eliminating the paper trail) but it also organises these formulas and updates them directly to your clients profile. You can highlight favourites and go back to previous formulas, cutting the guesswork out of your handwriting! When you combine this with the use of Ping, the amount used is reduced even more thanks to a smooth texture and better consistency, making each colour application much easier.

Joshua Howard, CEO of Vish said that a stylist that uses Ping and Vish together will highly reduce the waste of product, help the environment and maximise profits. He continued by saying Vish makes colour waste both “quantifiable and undeniable”. He went on by saying it isn’t just about the leftover product at the bottom of the bowl, it’s also about “actual waste – of product and profits knowingly going down the drain”.