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The 22nd of March could mean many things to you. It could be your mother’s birthday, a friend’s wedding day, or even the first day of annual leave! But if there’s one other thing we encourage you to also celebrate – it’s World Water Day

Although this is the one official day to celebrate this vital resource, here at ECOHEADS, we choose to celebrate it everyday. We believe that we all have a role to play in promoting water conservation and sustainable water practices – which is why ECOHEADS was created. 

So how does this affect us? It’s no lie that the hair salon industry is a thirsty one. From shampooing, conditioning and rinsing hair at the basin, to cleaning and sanitizing tools the average hair salon can use up to 150 gallons of water per day – with most of it going down the drain. However it’s not only the amount of water that is concerning, but also the quality of water that is going back into the environment. This is where we step in. Our mission is to empower the hair industry by providing smart solution tools that harness their craft but not at the expense of the environment or their own wellbeing.

To mark World Water Day, ECOHEADS reflects on the last ten years which has been creating and changing the way salons can protect our environment.

We have sold 160,000 units not only across Australia, but worldwide. That’s a lot of innovative and sustainable salons.

With that many salons joining the eco-revolution, we have helped save 162,624,218,400 litres of water thanks to our leading water conservation hardware.

To put that into perspective, that’s at least 65,050 Olympic sized swimming pools.

We will continue to innovate and change the way the salon industry impacts our water so we can all live in a more sustainable future.