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ECOHEADS is proud to announce the launch of their latest campaign -


You may have recognised a change in our look recently. And whilst this may indicate change – ECOHEADS will always strive to empower the hair industry with purposeful innovation and smart solutions with a global consciousness at the forefront. That being said, in celebration of our 10th birthday and aligning with our ever-evolving world –  It’s time to ELEVATE ECOHEADS.

At ECOHEADS, we believe that sustainability and innovation can go hand in hand. Which is why ELEVATE exists – we want our ECOHEADS community to become the innovator and embrace taking control of their craft whilst being conscious of their impact to the environment.

ELEVATE demonstrates that you can create a sustainable and high-end salon experience for your clients that they will love. By making sustainability a priority, your why becomes more than just hair, it’s care for your clients and the planet’s wellbeing. Because being an eco-conscious salon is not just a trend, but a lifestyle choice you make with purpose.

Our refreshed brand colours and visual identity are inspired by nature, the world around us and the revolutionary technical hardware that our tools represent.

The emotional messaging of the campaign speaks to the modern salon owner emphasizing that with ECOHEADS they can reduce costs, increase their profits and attract new clients who share their values whilst looking after the wellbeing of their staff and clients. 

We will continue to empower our industry by creating innovative, high quality and eco-friendly tools that will enhance your craft as a hairdresser, as well as educate on the benefits of becoming an environmentally sustainable salon.

If you’re a salon owner looking to make a positive impact on the world whilst also running a successful business – ELEVATE your salon experience with ECOHEADS. To find out more head over to

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  • Avatar Daniel Krieger says:

    Amazing products and your new elevate campaign is very creative. Love this!