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We’re almost a month clear of Earth Month now, and we thought it was a good time to circle back and chat about the aftermath.

Throughout April, you were probably gently (or not-so-gently) reminded that ‘every day should be Earth Day’, which may have left you feeling about as inspired as a kid who’s been told repeatedly to clean your room when you’d rather be playing with the toys instead. 

So, if you feel like you’ve lost a little momentum since 30 April, we’re here to help – we’ve put together a few tips and tricks on how your salon can actually achieve Earth Day every day without too much fuss.

Knowing your impact is the best inspiration to get going and keep going! Did you know that we have a nifty calculator to help you assess your salon’s water usage and colour waste? Just enter your basic info and it’ll bring up your stats and how much you could be saving just by using THE SHOWERHEAD and/or THE PING. GO TO THE CALCULATOR HERE

Changing habits takes practice and patience, so don’t feel the pressure to do everything at once!Try scheduling to audit each area of your business and salon space one at a time. For example, you could start by auditing your single-use items. A simple ‘find and replace’ expedition through the salon can identify a whole range of items that are easy to swap out with reusable or washable eco-alternatives (like THE ECAPE… just a suggestion!). And we know that hygiene and sanitary requirements can make that tough sometimes, so even switching to recyclable or compostable single-use is taking an active step towards a healthier planet.

It’s an interesting habit to start looking a little deeper into the values behind the brands you purchase.The best eco-friendly products are designed to fulfil their purpose in a sustainable way that does not pollute, deplete natural resources, damage ecosystems or take advantage of people and communities.So why not pledge to, where possible, choose the earth-friendly option FIRST and support businesses that support the future of our planet. Look for companies that operate with ethical standards of employment and manufacturing, use ingredients from sustainable sources, offer recyclable, biodegradable or reusable packaging, and/or invest profits or resources into the local community.

Let your staff know of your pledge and you might be surprised at how many local and innovative suppliers they can suggest to help you kick this off.