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Increasing temperatures and populations threaten our most vital fresh-water resource which is slowly depleting, while water demand is estimated to increase by 55% between 2000 – 2050. When developing our eco-friendly showerheads, the question we asked was, what can we do to help salons conserve water and protect our most vital resource?

This is why we’re proud to have partnered with sustainable brand and eco-warrior, Kevin Murphy, who has been urging the hair industry to embrace our water-saving showerhead. This is a product that has been developed to help salons become more sustainable businesses by conserving water and providing customers with a premium salon experience.

What began as a local partnership between two Australian eco-minded brands, has now expanded across the U.S. as well as several other countries around the world including Australia, UK, France , Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Ireland, Czech Republic and more. Thousands of salons who follow Kevin Murphy’s ethos and passion for sustainable beauty are now thinking about the amount of water they use every day and swapping their old shampoo hose for the ECOHEADS water-saving showerhead.

“Water is essential to our core business but for the sake of the environment and the future of our planet we need to think about how much we use,” says Kevin Murphy. “As we are rapidly depleting the global source of fresh water, it’s important to start thinking about how we can use less water for the sake of our planet”. The ECOHEADS showerhead uses 65% less water than a regular showerhead and saves up to 370 liters of water in one basin. To provide context, one average basin will use 780 gallons of water a day which is the equivalent of 780 bottles.

The tourmaline stones help to reduce sediment, dirt, and harsh chemicals like chlorine from the water meaning that clients will also receive better results including a cleaner, fresher wash.