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At the heart of every exceptional hairstyle and client experience in the salon industry lies the unparalleled talent of hairstylists, complemented by the finest tools and eco-friendly products they choose to employ. Among Australia’s elite hairstylists, Joey Scandizzo stands out not just for his impressive clientele and numerous accolades but for his dedication to enhancing his craft through the use of superior eco-friendly salon tools and sustainable practices.


Having commenced his illustrious career in Melbourne, Joey Scandizzo quickly ascended to the pinnacle of the Australian hairdressing scene, celebrated for his mastery in cutting and styling. His clientele reads like a who’s who of the celebrity world, boasting names such as Solange, Elle McPherson, and Lindsay Lohan. Beyond his ability to transform hair, Joey’s commitment to professionalism, creativity, and innovation has garnered him the prestigious title of Australian Hairdresser of the Year on four occasions, the latest being in 2018.


A cornerstone of Joey’s approach to hairdressing is his keen focus on selecting only the best tools and eco-friendly products, a practice that has significantly contributed to his performance and success. A prime example of this commitment is his advocacy for ECOHEADS and our sustainable salon shower head, a choice that reflects his dual commitment to environmental sustainability and client satisfaction. Joey’s salon has been a proud adopter of ECOHEADS for several years, a testament to his forward-thinking approach to hairdressing.


Joey articulates the multifaceted benefits of the ECOHEADS Showerhead, emphasising not only its eco-friendly design but also its contribution to enhancing the client experience. He notes, “They’re great because they’re eco-friendly, they’re great for the environment, and they’re also great for the clients who love the feel of the relaxing massage experience.” 


The benefits extend beyond client satisfaction and environmental conservation; they also offer significant financial savings for the salon by reducing water usage.


This holistic approach to selecting tools and products – balancing performance with sustainability – underscores a broader principle by award-winning hairdressers: the best hairstylists understand that excellence in their craft is not solely about skill and creativity. It’s also about the conscious choices they make in their tools and products, which not only influence their ability to perform at their best but also contribute to a larger ethos of environmental responsibility and client care.


In essence, Joey Scandizzo’s story illuminates the profound impact that the right salon tools and eco-friendly products can have on a hairstylist’s performance. It’s a compelling narrative that encourages the industry at large to follow in his footsteps, elevating not only the quality of their services but also their commitment to sustainability and client well-being.

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