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In the heart of LA’s bustling salon industry, where the quest for lustrous, healthy hair reigns supreme, the significance of water quality in achieving impeccable hair health and enhancing the efficacy of hair products cannot be overstated. 


Salon Nine Zero One‘s co-owners, Nikki Lee and Riawna Capri, have experienced a transformative shift in their salon’s operations and client satisfaction levels, thanks to their adoption of eco-friendly shower heads that dramatically improves the water quality of the LA water hitting their client’s heads. 


Nikki and Riawna’s enthusiastic endorsement of ECOHEADS Showerheads marks a departure from traditional methods, likening their old shampoo hose to a “garden hose” in comparison. The duo highlights the remarkable benefits of increased water pressure and, critically, the use of filtered water. By removing impurities such as iron, chlorine, and dirt, these eco-friendly shower heads ensure a cleaner, fresher wash, vital for maintaining the health and vibrancy of the hair. 


The importance of water quality extends beyond just the immediate feel of the hair; it plays a crucial role in the overall health of the hair and the performance of hair products. For stylists dedicated to achieving the perfect bright blonde shades or any vibrant color, the introduction of hard water or water laden with chemicals can undo hours of meticulous work. The filtered water provided by water-saving salon equipment like the ECOHEADS Showerhead protects the hair from these detrimental elements, ensuring that hair products perform as intended, without interference from waterborne contaminants.


Nikki, whose LA-based salon Nine Zero One boasts over 242,000 followers on Instagram, shares a personal testament to the transformative power of these showerheads. Not only have they become an integral part of the salon experience for their clients, but Nikki also credits the ECOHEADS Showerhead with making a significant improvement in her own hair, notably reducing frizz and enhancing its overall health.


The shift towards eco-friendly showerheads and water-saving salon equipment is not just a nod to environmental sustainability; it’s a strategic move that directly impacts the quality of hair care services offered. By prioritising water quality and clarity, salons are able to provide their clients with not only a luxurious experience but also healthier, more vibrant hair. Sustainable beauty practices, therefore, emerge as a critical component in the modern salon’s repertoire, offering a win-win scenario for the environment, the salon, and the client.

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