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In recognition of World Water Day, Ecoheads is proud to reaffirm its commitment to sustainability and water conservation within the global hair industry. With a suite of products designed to save water and improve water quality, Ecoheads leads the way in eco-friendly salon solutions. 

Our flagship product, the Showerhead X is at the forefront of our efforts to conserve the most used resource in the hair industry: Water. 



The Ecoheads Advantage: Innovation Meets Sustainability

At Ecoheads, innovation is driven by a commitment to water conservation. The company understands that water is not only the most used resource in the hair industry but also the one with quality and performance that hairdressers and clients have the least control over. Ecoheads has developed solutions that prioritise water saving, simplicity, and efficiency.


Our products are meticulously designed to not only conserve water but also to enhance the health and wellness of both hairdressers and clients. The Showerhead X and Ping X, for instance, stand as testaments to our philosophy of “simply smart solutions,” drastically reducing water and energy consumption while ensuring cleaner, softer water.


Simply Water Saving: Benefits Beyond Conservation


Ecoheads’ approach to water saving is multi-faceted, offering benefits that extend beyond conservation. The Showerhead X, for example, not only saves up to 65% of water compared to traditional taps but also reduces hard minerals by 40%, resulting in softer, cleaner water. This contributes to the health and wellness of both hairdressers and clients, reduces energy consumption, and ultimately saves time and money for salons.


Why Clean Water Matters


Clean water is indispensable in salons for delivering exceptional professional services. Hard water, prevalent in various regions, can adversely affect both hair and scalp health. Ecoheads’ technology significantly reduces hard minerals, making water softer and cleaner – a necessity for the modern salon. 


Ecoheads products focus on removing impurities and hard water elements, which can compromise the quality of hair care. By ensuring a cleaner water supply, Ecoheads enables salons to elevate their service offerings and enhance the overall client experience.


Showerhead X: The Pinnacle of Purity

Showerhead X is not just a showerhead; it’s a revolution in water usage and quality. Engineered to reduce hard minerals by 40%, it offers softer, cleaner water that not only benefits the hair’s health but also enhances the overall client experience. Its design significantly saves water—up to 65% compared to traditional taps—without compromising on performance, thanks to a doubled water pressure. This efficiency does not just save water; it saves time, allowing salons to accommodate more clients and thereby increase revenue.


Ping X: The Efficiency Expert

Ping X epitomizes efficiency. This ingenious device cuts down an average of 1 hour per 15 clients on color services, translating into considerable time and energy savings. Its design focuses on health and wellness, incorporating ergonomics to support wrist health, thereby caring for the stylist as much as it does for the client and the environment.


Impressive Results: A Decade of Water Conservation


Over the past 11 years, Ecoheads has made a significant impact on water conservation, saving over 172 billion liters of water, equivalent to nearly 69,000 Olympic swimming pools. In 2023 alone, the company saved more than 34 billion liters of water, showcasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their products in the fight against water wastage.


Eco-Friendly Solutions for the Modern Salon


Ecoheads is more than just a product manufacturer; it’s a partner in sustainability for salons worldwide. The easy installation and maintenance of Ecoheads products, combined with their recyclability and sustainability, make them a smart choice for any salon looking to reduce its environmental footprint and embrace cleaner, more efficient operations.


Join the Ecoheads Movement


This World Water Day, Ecoheads invites salons everywhere to join in the movement towards a more sustainable, water-wise future. With Ecoheads, salons can not only conserve water but also improve the quality of their services, contribute to the health and wellness of their clients and staff, and achieve greater business efficiency.