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Every hairdresser and salon owner is searching for the sweet spot of performance, efficiency, sustainability and quality in their professional products. 

The Ecoheads Showerhead emerges as a game-changer for hairdressers looking to save time, money, and water, whilst giving an exceptional customer experience. 


Time Savings with Ecoheads


The unique design of the Ecoheads Showerhead increases water pressure while reducing the amount of water used. This leads to quicker rinse times, allowing hairdressers to serve clients more efficiently. The enhanced pressure ensures thorough rinsing of hair products, cutting down the time needed at the basin and improving the overall client experience.

Water Conservation


The Ecoheads Showerhead is a hallmark of water conservation in the salon industry, and has been for more than 11 years. By reducing water flow but increasing water pressureour shower head can save you up to 500 liters per day compared to standard taps. That is an enormous environmental and cost saving. (Salon Today)​.

Salon Sustainability

Adopting Ecoheads is a step towards a more sustainable salon business model. The reduction in water and energy use not only lowers operational costs but also aligns with the growing consumer demand for eco-friendly businesses. By showcasing efforts to minimize environmental impact, salons can attract a clientele that values sustainability, enhancing the salon’s reputation and client loyalty.

Performance and Quality


Ecoheads showerheads are designed for durability and performance, ensuring that salons can rely on them for long-term use. Their efficiency in water use, coupled with the ability to filter out sediments and impurities, ensures that clients receive a superior service experience. The showerhead’s design also contributes to a more ergonomic and comfortable work environment for stylists, reducing the physical strain associated with prolonged use of traditional showerheads.

Additional Water Saving Tips for Salons

Beyond installing Ecoheads showerheads, there are several other strategies salons can adopt to conserve water:

  • Fix Leaks Promptly: A small drip can waste up to 35,000 liters of water a year​ (American Salon)​.
  • Efficient Use of Appliances: Only run washing machines and dishwashers when fully loaded to maximize water efficiency​ (American Salon)​​ (NAILS Magazine)​.
  • Eco-Friendly Salon Tools: Consider using eco-friendly salon tools like our PING , cape and bang.​ (Green Beauty Community)​.
  • Educate Staff and Clients: Raising awareness about the importance of water conservation can encourage everyone in the salon to adopt more water-wise habits​ (Green Beauty Community)​.

By integrating these practices, along with the adoption of the Ecoheads Showerhead, salons can significantly reduce their water footprint, save on utility costs, and position themselves as leaders in the movement towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly beauty industry.