THE E-BRUSH – Thick Dressing Brush

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This sustainable styling brush is made from a mix of recycled coffee grounds and bioplastic, making it eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint. Boar bristles blend perfectly with nylon bristles to give users the control they need for their hairstyling experience. Not only does this thick brush effectively shape hair fibres on dry locks for moulding and stretching, but its cushion contains abundant air pressure that bends around your scalp as you style – activating blood flow in the process! This brush is designed for blow-drying, styling, and dressing hair- the unique combination of all the elements of this brush ensures its performance on all hair types and textures.

  • Best suited to- dry hair styling, blow-drying, dressing hair.
  • Brush Body made from Ground coffee which is eco-friendly and low carbon.
  • The cushion contains abundant air pressure, which makes every day brushing experience like a massage.
  • The Boar Bristles make your hair glossy and shiny, by helping lay the cuticle flat.
  • Brush size: 22.5 x 8.0cm


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Material For the body: Coffee grounds, eco-friendly & low carbon
Bristles: Nylon and boar bristles
Brush size: 22.5 x 8.0cm
Body heat resistance: 80 degrees
Cushion heat resistance: 80 degrees
Nylon bristles heat resistance: 180 degrees
Boar bristles heat resistance: 140 degrees

Production Designed in Australia, Made in Korea

2 reviews for THE E-BRUSH – Thick Dressing Brush

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    The only thing in my suitcase that isn’t travel sized…I take this brush with me everywhere because nothing works as well

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    We sell so many of these brushes in the salon, everyone wants to know what brush it is, and everyone wants one at home

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