THE E-BRUSH – Fine Wet Detangling Brush

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The thin brush is a detangling genius- for every hair type and texture. With its unique double curved design this shape makes the body of the brush perfectly fit and mould to the scalp. It enables the bristles to gently grip the hair. The softness and flexibility of the bristles are specifically designed to help smooth all kinds of knots without putting unnecessary pressure on the cuticle or causing damage to the hair. What makes this brush even more unique is its flexible loop design so you can brush your hair more comfortably no matter your hair type or texture.

This is the perfect wet brush at the basin with its amazing gentle detangling ability, however it also doubles up as a dressing brush when you want to finish styling your hair without putting any tension on your style or the hair fibre.

  • Best suited for wet detangling, and tension free dry styling.
  • Brush Body made from Ground coffee which is eco-friendly and low carbon.
  • Double curved design to perfectly fit the scalp and gently grip more hair with every brush stroke.
  • The flexible loop design makes ensures a more comfortable experience.
  • The Flexible nylon bristles are specially designed to help smooth even the most knotted hair as well as massaging the scalp.
  • Brush size 22.5 x 7.0cm


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Material For the body: Coffee grounds, eco-friendly & low carbon
Bristles: Nylon
Brush size: 22.5 x 7.0cm
Body heat resistance: 80 degrees
Nylon bristles heat resistance: 180 degrees

Production Designed in Australia, Made in Korea

5 reviews for THE E-BRUSH – Fine Wet Detangling Brush

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    I won the e-brush in a competition, but I am actually OBSESSED with it. I tell everying this is the best brush I’ve ever owned…you just have to try it to understand.

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    Love this brush so much

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    Ummm…WHAT is it about this brush that makes it so good?? It’s like a DREAM on my hair

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    Works v well on all hair textures. Clients love that its made from recycled materials !!

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    Love how eco friendly it is

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