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The Essential Role of Clean Water in Hair Salons

The recipe for an incredible salon seems obvious: An attractive salon. Excellent stylists. High-end products. 

But clean water is also at the core of exceptional hair treatments and client satisfaction. 

At Ecoheads, our way is water.

We know that water quality can significantly affect both the outcome of hair treatments and the overall health of hairdressers and clients. Hard water, which contains high levels of minerals like calcium and magnesium, can lead to hair that feels coarse, looks dull, and is difficult to manage. Moreover, these minerals can build up on the scalp and hair, causing irritation and diminishing the effectiveness of haircare products.

Conversely, clean water not only enhances the shine and manageability of hair but also contributes to a healthier working environment. By reducing the exposure to harsh minerals and contaminants, clean water safeguards the health of both the stylist and the client, making it a foundational aspect of any premium haircare service.


The ECOHEADS Difference: Revolutionising salon water quality

The ECOHEADS Showerhead X is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for salons striving for excellence. Capable of reducing up to 40% of hard minerals from water, this 

innovative showerhead delivers softer, cleaner water that can transform the quality of your salon services. The benefits are immediate and noticeable, from better hair washes and treatments to enhanced color processes, all while ensuring a more comfortable and health-conscious salon environment.

Introducing POD by Ecoheads: A new era in hair treatment

Ecoheads has also pioneered P.O.D by Ecoheads, the world’s first water-delivered Micro Colour Treatments (MCT) through the innovative Showerhead X. Our ECOPOD system not only simplifies the coloring process by eliminating the discomfort of traditional basin applications, but also enriches the client experience by visibly improving hair quality and shine in just one visit. 

The ECOPOD MCT system delivers concentrated, eco-friendly treatments that boost hair’s color, tone, and softness without the harsh chemicals typically found in color treatments, and it does all of this in record time.

Reimagining the role of water in haircare

At Ecoheads, our philosophy is simple: the way to exceptional haircare is through superior water quality. With innovative solutions like the ECOHEADS Showerhead X and the P.O.D by Ecoheads system, salons can not only meet but exceed client expectations, providing nourishing and luxurious hair treatments. Embrace the future of haircare with Ecoheads and turn ordinary salon visits into extraordinary experiences.

If you’re ready to speak to someone about transforming your salon today, reach out to the experts at Ozdare.

Do You Have Hard Water? Tips to Identify and Resolve

Wondering if your salon is grappling with hard water? Here are some signs to watch for:

  • Mineral buildup around faucets and on surfaces.
  • Hair that feels rough or looks dull after washing.
  • Products that do not lather well or rinse out completely.

If you suspect hard water issues, integrating the ECOHEADS Showerhead X can make a significant difference, transforming your salon’s water into a pure, hair-friendly resource.

Hard Water Statistics Across Australia


In Australia, water hardness varies significantly. Adelaide is known for having particularly hard water, with hardness levels ranging from 134 to 148 mg/L. Brisbane also has hard water, with levels reaching around 100 mg/L. In contrast, cities like Melbourne and Hobart enjoy very soft water, with Melbourne’s water hardness levels at about 10-26 mg/L and Hobart at about 5.8-34.4 mg/L​ (WFA)​​ (Pure Water Systems)​.

These variations in water hardness can significantly affect both the performance of haircare products and the overall salon experience, influencing everything from the effectiveness of shampoos and conditioners to the longevity of coloring treatments. Using solutions like the ECOHEADS Showerhead X can help mitigate the effects of hard water, making it softer and more suitable for salon use.

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