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My ECOHEAD sprays unevenly and occasionally sprays sideways.

  1. Unscrew the plate cover and take out the plate.
  2. Wash and scrub the plate (an old toothbrush works best!).
  3. Screw back the plate cover.
  4. If the problem persists repeat the process.
  5. In case of lime scale build-up please see recommended maintenance procedures.

My ECOHEAD leaks around the black plate cover

  1. make sure the black plate cover is screwed on all the way.
  2. If it is still leaking unscrew the plate cover
    wipe the metal plate with a dry towel and put it back into the black plate cover logo facing down.
  3. Wipe and reposition the white plate ring above the plate inside the plate cover.
  4. Screw the plate cover all the way back onto the ECOHEAD using a dry towel.
  5. If problem persists repeat the process.

My ECOHEAD leaks around the middle part of the ECOHEAD.

  1. Make sure the end cover is screwed on tight and secure.
  2. Check if the middle black rubber T ring is intact..
  3. Make sure the filter positioned correctly inside the end cover.

If you are using the ECOHEADS black metal adapter

  1. Make sure the adapter is installed correctly with both washers inside the thread connections.
  2. check the metal adapter is firmly screwed to the hose but is not squashing the black O ring of the ECOHEADS end cover.
  3. Please use our extra washers located in the spare parts bag if there is any spraying or leakage on either side of the metal adapter.

My ECOHEAD has weak water pressure.

  1. Make sure that the hose is not kinked.
  2. Check the filter: if it is clogged rinse it clean (please refer to our maintenance guide for instructions)
  3. Make sure the washers inside the metal adapter are position correctly and not restricting the water flow.

The inside of the ECOHEAD is starting to turn brown.

  1. Check the filter if it is clogged rinse it clean (please refer to our maintenance guide for instructions).
  2. Remove the plate its black cover and the end cover part with filter inside from the main body of the EcoHead.
    Clean the main body under flowing warm water and wipe dry.
  3. If you find this is happening frequently and you are in an area with a large amount of sediment in your water please install the heavy-duty filter.

Inconsistent water temperature.

Adjust the hot water valve located on the water heater.
(its highly recommended that this will be done by a plumber).

Does the ECOHEADS showerhead fits every basin?

Our showerhead fits 98% of basin as stand alone or with the help of our special adapter. In case that it still doesn’t fit, you can find an adapter in your nearest hardware store.

Do I need to call a plumber to install the ECOHEADS showerhead?

It always nice to use a professional, but based on our experience, anyone can install the ECOHEADS showerhead, simply follow the installation process or watch our installation video.

Do I need to replace the stones or the filter inside the ECOHEADS showerhead?

No you don’t!!! You only need to clean your filter from time to time, deepening on the quality of your water. For more information watch our Maintenance Video / Page

I am mixing colour by hand for year, Why should I use the Ping?

Colour is your biggest income/expense? If the answer is “Yes”, please watch our Video called “Why To Use The Ping

Is the Ping aerating the colour while mixing?

No its not, as the Ping is air tight once it places on the bowl, combined with the fact that its designed speed, will give you best results, Actually, mixing by hand, will give you an unbalanced aerated result.

We are a busy salon we don’t have the time to clean it every time.

The Ping was designed for a busy salon environment, with its 2 detachable blades and 4 bowls, with an easy cleaning process, it allows you to mix colour as you go, in a fast, healthy, professional and economic way. Getting the same result time and time again. Please watch our videos “Ping Tips & Tricks” and “How To Clean My Ping

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