The Showerhead X is our latest innovation that has been thoughtfully designed to enhance services for the professional hair industry and offer a sensational experience for the client. The X model is a combination of the loved features with new and improved updates that continue to save time, water and energy.

A refreshed version of our previous SHOWERHEAD offering, the SHOWERHEAD X has an improved grip holder for easier handling, magnetic filter to reduce lime-scale and blast apart minerals in hard water for a softer and smoother result. We’ve upgraded the plate to make it more durable for cracking prevention, and packaged it up in a more eco-friendly and refreshed packaging.

  • Easy handling grips
  • Improve water pressure
  • Save up to 65% of your water
  • Cleaner water
  • Softer water
  • Swivel adaptor
  • Magnetic filter for reduced lime scale

Experience the perfect fusion of aesthetics, sustainability, and innovation with the ECOHEADS SHOWERHEAD X. This essential product is a must-have for any modern salon, thoughtfully crafted with maximum recyclability in mind, making it a powerful embodiment of eco-consciousness.

Discover the innovation of our latest magnetic filter, thoughtfully combined with the naturally sourced anti-bacterial stones like Magnetite and Red Clay Ceramic, as well as other powerful minerals. This unique filtration system diminishes lime-scale and chlorine, while simultaneously enhancing negative ion production to replenish moisture and revitalizing ions for dry, frizzy, and damaged hair.

The SHOWERHEAD X will elevate your client’s experience in the salon through the increased water pressure jets. Designed to promote healthy blood flow through to the scalp, this emulates a head massage like feeling, whilst also making the cuticles cleaner and more receptive to colour or any other treatments.

Experience the harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and nature’s finest elements, unlocking the secret to healthier, more nourished hair. The SHOWERHEAD X is our most recent innovation, making it the BEST SHOWERHEAD version we have made to date, worthy of celebrating our 10th anniversary.

W.E.L.S Information: S11694 (EcoHeads17), 5.5 Liters Per minute  ,0 stars

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